Michigan trip 2020 Part 1

We had some vacation time scheduled in late 2020 and really wanted to spend quality time together…a little fresh air away from news and technology for a while. We live just outside of Nashville. Each year I realize more and more just how busy and glued to technology our lives have become. In my line of work, I stay on a computer all day long. I am in constant contact with other people. When I set that aside for a few days, I feel that a vice grip has been released from me that I wasn’t aware was there until it was gone.


We live a pretty hectic life, so we decided we wouldn’t make a rigid plan for this trip.  We did have to pre-book our campsites the first few nights because the first weekend fell on Labor Day.  We knew sites would book up quickly if we waited too late.  We didn’t have a set plan past the first Sunday-after then, we didn’t have a plan for where we would be staying each night.  This was exciting!

We went with Cruise America for our RV rental, and it was a great experience. Their RV worked out perfect for our first camping trip.

I went online and booked the RV a few weeks before our trip.  The online process was swift and easy, and the day we were set to leave, Patrick went to Nashville to pick it up.  We rented their “large” RV.  We had worked a full day already, but we wanted to get a start on our drive. As soon as I got home, I set to work getting everything moved inside the RV.

I remember it being a humid Tennessee 85 degrees outside, and with it being our first RV trip, we didn’t really have the bright idea to plugin while we were getting everything ready.  I was covered in sweat, trying to get everything set up. Finally, it began to cool off when the sun went down.  The kids were so excited to go on the trip, and with the novelty of the RV, they were opening cabinets, climbing on the loft bed over the front seats, and jumping up and down. They were going nuts.  My parents stopped by before we left, so they sat and kept the boys company while we got things ready. 

Finally, it was time to head out.  We were exhausted, and it was about 8 pm at that point.  Our first destination: Yogi Bears Jellystone Park in Scottsburg, Indiana, which is about a 3.5-hour drive from our house.  

We made it to Yogi Bears after midnight, got ourselves all hooked up, and called it a night. 

To be continued…

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