Michigan trip 2020 part 3

We aren’t ones to forget many details on our trips, but after our day trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, we did just that.  We headed that evening to Wilderness State Park Campground to turn in for the night. It was dark and rainy by the time we arrived, and we were exhausted. We left out early the following morning because of a long drive ahead of us.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember very much at all about this park.

Next up was the Mackinaw Island Bridge. Click here to see the video of us crossing the bridge!

When heading Northbound on the Mackinac Bridge, Lake Michigan is to your left and Lake Huron your right. The Great Lakes are so enormous it’s like looking out at the Ocean.  The waters are immaculate in appearance and are the most breathtaking blue in color.


The drive from the bridge to Copper Harbor was quiet and scenic. Not too far in, we happened across Bobs Grocery, with fully functional vintage gas pumps in place. We stopped in for a few.  This place has been in business since the 1940s.

The current owner told Patrick he had purchased the store from the original owner and had been there since.

The grocery display was the best part.

In all, the drive from Mackinac Bridge to Copper Harbor was around five and a half hours.  When we finally arrived at Fort Wilkins State Park, we were thrilled at our campsite facing Lake Fannie Hooe.

The Pathway in front of the RV led to some openings with stairs leading down to the lake.  It was pretty chilly and windy on the hill, especially in the evening.  Down by the Lake, it was much warmer.  I suppose we were protected from the chill of the wind there.  We spent a significant amount of time there with the boys our first evening.

We camped a few nights at Fort Wilkins, and this place is splendid.  We ventured down a hiking trail and were blown away at the end of the trail when it opened up to Lake Superior.  

Click here to see our 360 degree GoPro video!

I have never seen anything like it.  We went during a time where we had the place nearly empty because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The beach alongside Lake Superior was full of smooth stones.  This is the kind of beach where you search for Petoskey stones.  It is difficult not to spend your entire day searching for these stones! 

We found the coolest tree, and I don’t know how I got my wild kids to take such a great picture, but they were still right at the perfect moment!

There is a lot more to Fort Wilkins….the village, etc., but we spend a lot of our time camping and hiking, so I didn’t get as many pictures of the buildings. 

After a few days, we left Fort Wilkins and headed back across the Upper Peninsula to cross back over the Mackinac bridge.  Our next stop was the Teepee Campground in Mackinaw City.  

Click here to learn more!

We wanted to stay here to get a cool view of the bridge and a spot on the lake.

What I liked most about this campground was the playground right on the beach.  I also read about ferry access being included, but because of COVID-19, we did not go over to Mackinac Island on this trip. 

The next morning it was time to leave Mackinaw City.   We headed to Williamsburg to meet up with some of Patrick’s family and visit where his grandfather is buried.  The last time I had been here was in 2015 when I was pregnant with the boys.  This was the first trip where the boys had been to where their grandfather is from, and their great-grandparents are buried. After spending a few hours visiting with Patrick’s family, we headed next to Traverse City State Park.  This was surprisingly one of my favorite parks out of the entire trip.  Something about being in a quiet and secluded feeling state park in the middle of a busy town is amazing.  The trees are huge!  This was a huge campground, but they have done a wonderful job on it. I thought I would hate it when I saw the campground map, but it’s laid out nicely and very easy to get in and out.  There is a pedestrian bridge to cross over to the beach not to have to cross the busy road.  

We stayed one night in Traverse City then headed back down Lake Michigan’s coast to our last major stop of the trip: Grand Haven State Park.  Grand Haven is unlike any State Park I have ever been to because we were camping on the pavement.  The idea of camping on pavement sounds crazy, but it was actually really cool.  At Grand Haven, you camp right out at the beach.  Again, we were on this trip during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so we were fortunate that this place wasn’t as busy as it normally is.  When I looked at it online, it looks like it normally would have been a very crowded destination and probably more difficult to maneuver with an RV(especially for newbies like us).


We were able to see the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Grand Haven while we were there.

 Grand Haven was a perfect way to end our trip.  There is a large walkway by the water from the pier down to a few food stands. The waterway is beautiful, and you can sit and watch yachts and sailboats go by.

I am so glad we could take this trip and make memories with our boys while they are young.  Coming from where we live (Nashville is growing outward every day) and visiting these places…the buzz of everything fades away.  It’s a huge release for me. 

We get so caught up in our everyday lives, chasing what?  We forget to stop and take in what really matters in life. Everything going on in the world consumes us. We forget to enjoy our family, our kids.  I think all the time about how sweet my boys are right now and how much I will miss that innocence when it’s gone.  Life is so short, and we work our lives away while we are young only to wish we had to do it over when we are old.  I have a very stressful job.  Some days I look up and an entire month has passed by.  These trips bring me back to reality.

If you have kids and have the ability, take that RV trip.  Don’t spend the entire time on your cell phones.  Put the devices away for a while.  

Go outside.  Explore.  Soak it up.  We are not promised tomorrow. God has blessed us with today.


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