Tims Ford state park

My birthday falls right after New Years’, and due to my line of work, it happens to fall during arguably the most high-stress week of the year in my profession. Because of this, I try to take off for a few days surrounding my birthday, whether that may fall the week of or the week following my birthday.  It depends on how the weekend falls around New Year’s day and the first week of the year. This year fell perfectly. I was able to be off from December 23 until January the 4th.  It was fabulous to be able to take that many days off in a row around the holidays.  I am fortunate enough to have an employer that provides me with several weeks off throughout the year, but Patrick isn’t always able to take off the full week when I do.  He did take off for Christmas and through that weekend, but he went back to work Monday-Wednesday of the following week.  That Wednesday night (December 30th), we decided to take a camping trip about 1.5-hours away to Tims Ford State Park in Winchester, TN.

The weather that weekend was perfect.  It was sunny and 75 in January.  For some reason, this happens quite a bit in TN on New Years’ week.  When I was born, my mom said I had been slightly Jaundice when I got home, and she was able to position me in the sunlight because it was warm and sunny that week.

Our camping spot worked out nicely. We were at the end of the campground, and we should have been next to the water, but that section was dried up.  It was fine because to our right we could see the lake. For some reason, that weekend, most of the campers had parked down closer to the campground entrance instead of closer to the lake where we were.  They may have done this to be closer to the bathhouses. While we were there, some saw how nice the lakeside spots were and ended up moving where we were.  

The campground was lovely, with a nice picnic area and several rock beaches to hang out at.  We took the boys riding their bikes around the campground each day.

The campground had a really nice hiking trail, the Boiling Fork Trail.   I could not find the trail on the map; parts of the trail seemed brand new. I would say it was moderate in difficulty.  The boys were really tired by the time we made it back to the campground, but we enjoyed the exercise!  We enjoyed the rest of our time hanging out around the camper, cooking some good food, and relaxing.

It was soon back to reality. Our warm little New Years’ getaway was over, but we enjoyed it while it lasted!

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