The Wandering Pup

This post may be slightly different from my regular writings, but I wanted to share it with my fellow Dog lovers out there.

Back in August, we lost our beloved companion of 8.5 years, Goose. He was such a unique Australian Shepherd. We got him as a very young puppy, and Patrick and I had only been married about a year at the time with no kids. Goose was the silliest of dogs; he liked to smile at everyone who came to the house. Sometimes those who didn’t know Goose thought he was baring his teeth at them when doing this. In reality, he was being silly and showing them how excited he was to see them. Not only did Goose smile at them, but he loved to shake his but at them in the most awkward way.


Goose loved our family so much. He acted just like a person. He would chill around the house with us and would go outside and hang out with Patrick and the kids while they would ride their bikes. Goose watched out for them while they played. Like I mentioned earlier, Goose passed away in August and we have been pretty devastated since. The boys have missed him something serious, and they still have trouble understanding that he is gone.

One weekend, one of the boys had gotten talking about wanting a dog again. He spent all morning talking about how he wanted a dog and repeatedly asked if we could get another dog. Later that day, Patrick took them outside to play, and out of the blue, this random stray dog shows up out of nowhere and wouldn’t leave.

It was freezing outside that night, so we decided to bring her inside while trying to find her owner. She is sweet and mild-mannered. That night she slept for a good two hours immediately after we let her inside. It seemed like she had been on her own for a bit. We searched for her owner extensively with no luck (including consulting our local resources). We went through all of the processes of taking her to look for a chip, etc. We have decided to let her stay, as she is happy as can be and smart! When asked if I wanted another dog, I kept telling everyone I wasn’t ready because I wanted my DOG back, not a puppy. This girl is smart, and although she hasn’t filled the hole Goose left yet, I have a feeling our bond will become just as memorable over time. We named her Dash because she is swift and likes to dash away from you when playing outside.

I get a feeling that she may have found us right when we needed her.

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