Defeated Creek Campground

I admittedly haven’t posted in a few months, as things took a sharp turn with the February snowstorm. I was busy with work for a time. We have seen an increase in workload since the Pandemic and then we fell behind with the snowstorm due to our heavy dependence upon packages being delivered on time.

We have taken a handful of camping trips throughout the colder season but I didn’t do a great job of tracking all of them. Last weekend we had original plans that didn’t work out. We had planned to go to a different campground, but when Patrick arrived to set up, the spot was too awkward for the camper to work. He ended up bringing it back home. Everywhere was completely booked for that night, but the boys were set on camping and we had already packed the camper up. We decided to camp out at our workshop property instead our first night.

The following night we headed out to Defeated Creek Campground along the banks of the Cordell Hull Lake in Defeated, TN. We really enjoyed our stay at this campground. In fact it was one of the nicest campgrounds we have been to as of yet in TN. We did not get a lakefront spot as this place stays booked for months in advance, but they have some lovely, clean-looking waterfront spots.

I returned home from work one evening after we were back home, and it had been storming. We had the most beautiful double rainbow over Middle TN, so I could capture some pictures of that. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave home to see the beauty that is out there.

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